Organic Beauty

So the only brand I use now is INIKA. Certified organic.

Here is my personal list of what I use and are my favorites:

EYEBROWS – Now I was NOT born with nice, thick, dark, eyebrows. VERY much the opposite! So naturally I have to fill in my entire brows in order for me to look like I have ANY brows! Haha! Here’s what I do: Sparsely fill in with INIKA Black Caviar Eyeliner and then sparsely fill in with INIKA Coco Eyeliner. Then blend in using light strokes using the INIKA Angle Brush. It makes for a great blend of a dark brown/black color.

EYELINER – Fave colors are Black Caviar, Graphite, Sapphire, Purple Minx. Creamy and superb!









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