Brittany’s Biggest Health Nemesis – Skin


I want to represent the real me here. It leaves me being completely transparent and vulnerable. Along with having autoimmune thyroid, my body does a bunch of strange things. These sores? My biggest nemesis. I first got really sick at the beginning of 2012 at the same time these sores started appearing. My skin has been highly affected ever since. These sores are a big part of my daily life now. I mean, I have always had digestive issues ever since I was a preteen but as I mentioned above, 2012 was the year my body decided to really get serious about beating itself up. My early 20s were pretty disastrous and life-changing which resulted in a very stressed out me. I am not sure where I would be today had I not found a functional medicine doctor that has figured my body out for the most part (as with autoimmunity, more often than not some things just won’t make complete sense). This particular photo is zoomed in because my sores are not in a very nice place and because I want to show how my afflicted skin is right next to my normal skin. My sores are not openly visible to others and if you saw me on the street you would not know I had them. You see, countless biopsies have revealed that they are ulcers of the skin, an extreme eczema, occurring on my vulvar/anal region. As you can imagine, this makes daily activities such as showering, going to the bathroom, walking, bending over, and sitting, painful tasks that were once done so very easily with no thought process behind them. Even though my sores sometimes start to heal and feel a little better, there is always something that triggers them back into an inflamed state. The fact of the matter is that most days they are aggravated and raging. Even when my diet is perfect. Even when I get tons of sleep. Even when I think I am doing everything to keep my stress levels as low as possible. Yes, all of these things do help me to a certain extent but I have learned that they will not take these sores away in entirety to never be seen again. They will always be there, sometimes unbearable, other times bearable, but always there. This is why I eat the way I eat and live the way I live. I am trying to be the healthiest version of myself possible.