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Hi there,

I thought that it might help me to try to talk about my health journey in addition to writing it down which I have done so in my About section of this blog. The more we can share our stories and connect with others, the less alienated we feel.


Whew! To put into words my experiences was a lot harder than I had expected. Note all of the ummms. Sometimes I wonder if the past decade of my life wasn’t as stressful as it was if I would not be in the health situation I am in now. My father got very ill once I graduated high school when I was age 18 and had to be on kidney dialysis. I started college. I watched as my father got closer and closer to death. I got married at age 21. I will never forget how feeble and weak my father was as he walked me down the aisle at my wedding. He died when I was 22. I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree at age 23. I filed for divorce later that year at age 23 after only 2.5 years of marriage. Right before turning 24 I was in a car accident that totaled my car. My depression was at its worst from ages 23-26. At ages 24-26 my mother had multiple surgeries on her heart because it is failing. At age 26 I finally booked my first appointment with a functional medicine doctor and ended up completely changing my diet and lifestyle practically overnight. At age 26 I met the love of my life Trent. At age 27 we got married. I am now 28.

I strongly believe that in a lot of health cases, stress and traumatic events can in and of itself send our bodies into a debilitating state which is what happened to me. Add that to a lifestyle with minimal sleep and poor dietary choices and a recipe for disaster gets brewing.

I am in a certain sense grateful for my past and what it has taught me. I now take pretty darn good care of myself as far as what I eat and drink. I am mindful of how many hours of sleep I am getting each night. I do try not to be a stress maniac but that is probably my biggest battle. It really did take me hitting rock bottom in order for me to wake up and realize that I needed to listen to my body and find real help. My husband’s health has improved as well as he takes on this journey with me. Bless him. And if we one day find ourselves with children I have a much better understanding of what is healthy and what is not in which I can pass that knowledge onto them.

All is never lost if we keep hope alive. Though there may be moments or even years with nonexistent faith in a better day ahead whatever your circumstance, those who keep fighting in retrospect say that the fight was worth it. I am one of those people.

The motto of the past decade of my life is this: If you let Him, God will turn your messes into masterpieces.


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