Trent’s Intro

Hello readers, thank you for waiting so eagerly for my first post 🙂 My first post is just going to be an introduction. I’m Trent, Brittany’s husband (you may have seen me cleaning up muffins on Instagram @makingnaturalthenorm). I also made an about page if you just click on the about tab upper left and then click on about Trent. Brittany and I decided it would be interesting for me to write up some posts from my point of view. I am hoping my thoughts will give an insight into what it is like for me (and maybe your husband/boyfriend too) changing to the paleo and AIP lifestyle.

There may be some posts about my health too as recently I’ve been unwell. For the past few years I’ve had more frequent cases of upset stomach than what would be considered normal and a few weeks ago I was sick for almost a week unable to keep anything in so now we are researching functional medicine doctors as close to home as possible. I have an appointment with one in Melbourne but it is not for another month. Depending upon what we discover will determine if it is interesting and relatable enough to write about. So far I’ve had some blood taken for tests and given 2 stool samples to be checked for a number of different things. I should be getting the results back fairly soon.

Before I got married my diet was very much focused on easy meals (pasta and jarred sauce) and take away food (pizza). My thoughts regarding food didn’t extend very far beyond the labeling. For example, I’d happily eat Doritos or something similar without giving any thought to what is in it . . . except for when eating a hot dog – I think everyone pauses to think about it’s ingredients. Conversely I have always been a very fussy eater. An example would be when I was younger around 10 my parents would sometimes get McDonald’s as a treat. At the time I would order a burger and bun with tomato sauce and cheese only – just those 4 things – as well as fries and a drink. It had to be just like that or I would not eat it and as simple as that sounds it was ALWAYS wrong ha ha ha. Now being an adult with a wife who eats mostly AIP/always paleo it is sometimes difficult to get me to try new foods, vegetables, or even fruits. My will not eats include pumpkin and asparagus. My dislikes include Brussels sprouts and cauliflower though if a genuine need is presented I can ingest cauliflower. My likes are broccoli (but not the stems), carrots, spiralized parsnips, and sweet potato any way it’s cooked. So yes I am still quite fussy but I have definitely improved from those McDonald’s “burger” days. My wife is extremely patient……

Well thank you for reading my very first post. I can’t think of much more to add for my intro. My second post is coming soon and should be much more fun to read! 😉


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