The Wooden Elk

A while back my husband and I were privileged to go to a Paleo cafe in Melbourne called The Wooden Elk. After a long weekday in the city we arrived at about 9 PM and starved. Note that they close at 10 PM. Of course we wanted FOOD! And lots of it hehe. A lot of times restaurants will only serve drinks at this hour. The friendly staff were more than accommodating to our late night order. We ordered a Paleo pizza that was not only purely delicious but was such a nice break from cooking – ya feel me?! 😉




Trent’s side is on the left as his had tomato sauce. Mine is on the right sans tomato sauce. No nightshades for me! The crust was made from a combination of almond meal and coconut flour as the main base. Our toppings were prosciutto, spinach, mushrooms, garlic (his side only), and avocado (my side only). Topped with olive oil and oregano. Perfection. Most, if not all of what they have on the menu is organic as well – brilliant.




I highly recommend checking out their website – The Wooden Elk. You can also find them on facebook – just type in the search box The Wooden Elk and Instagram at the_wooden_elk. They have a big menu with lots of yummy options to choose from. Thanks to them we had a superior ending to our night out. Will definitely go back again.

Pricing: Surprisingly reasonable considering quality of food

Grade: A+




Over and out! 🙂



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