It Is Time

So here I am! I have decided to write about my life. And you’re thinking, “Wow, how exciting”…Right?! Well, I’ll have you know that it has been one heck of a ride so far! My main intention of this site is to sort everything out in my own head and organize my thoughts. I have much on my mind. My life has evolved and changed so much in recent years that I feel like I need to catch my brain up to the current me!

The subjects on which I want to fill this site with are close to my heart. They are what make me, well, me! Food, health, education, diet, and nutrition are huge topics for me personally. Excited to begin…it will be a major work in progress and what better time to start than right now.

Never give up. Never lose faith. Never lose hope. Do not stop searching for truth and what you know is right even if it takes years, even if you feel like you are on your death bed, which I have been feeling lately, as in the past couple of years. Even when everyone is telling you otherwise, keep fighting and keep going. These attributes will propel you forward through the darkest of days. You will become resilient. Someday I will get to where I am going. Probably in the end because that is where we are all headed and also where everyone usually tends to end up. So let’s help each other get there…one day at a time! I am learning right along with you and I love that!


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