About Brittany

Hi! I will start off by doing the proper thing and introducing myself. Who am I? Well to start my name is Brittany. I am a wife to Trent and a mother to my newborn son.


Making Natural the Norm is my little blog relating to all things health and wellness. I am navigating life with autoimmunity. You will find my posts are written from my heart. My husband also likes to write posts every now and then. I am passionate about functional aka integrative medicine, eating a paleo diet for the most part but always a real food diet, organic and biodynamic farming, natural childbirth, homeschooling, and striving to keep my home a place that is in the world but not of the world. Through crucial, drastic changes in my diet I have slowly grown to actually like cooking and spend much of my time in the kitchen these days. I love getting in the car and driving with no particular destination. My interests range from photography, fashion, interior design, architecture, art, and hair/makeup to using food as medicine, natural/safe products for e-ver-y-thing. I have every intention of homeschooling my children. I have come to realize that life is much more satisfying and makes more sense when lived in a simpler, more natural way. The majority of people who come to health and wellness have a reason to do so. Many are sick and tired of being sick. Are you one of those people? I am. I have an autoimmune disease that makes the day-to-day quite difficult. Battling sickness changes everything. You evaluate and reevaluate all aspects. You learn a lot. You hope to channel all of the negativity into something good. You wish to help others. This is why I am here. To try to make sense of this crazy thing we call life, talk about the past that brought me to this point, and move forward from here to more understanding, more grasp, more wisdom. 


“Be not afraid to go slowly, be only afraid to stand still. Do everything it takes to find out and fight for what is yours and what is right. As long as you are true to yourself, it doesn’t matter what the outcome is because if you fall down, you will stand up again. At the end…if you win, you will be happy; if you lose, you will be wise.” —Unknown