Trent’s Intro

Hello readers, thank you for waiting so eagerly for my first post 🙂 My first post is just going to be an introduction. I’m Trent, Brittany’s husband (you may have seen me cleaning up muffins on Instagram @makingnaturalthenorm). I also made an about page if you just click on the about tab upper left and then click on about Trent. Brittany and I decided it would be interesting for me to write up some posts from my point of view. I am hoping my thoughts will give an insight into what it is like for me (and maybe your husband/boyfriend too) changing to the paleo and AIP lifestyle.

There may be some posts about my health too as recently I’ve been unwell. For the past few years I’ve had more frequent cases of upset stomach than what would be considered normal and a few weeks ago I was sick for almost a week unable to keep anything in so now we are researching functional medicine doctors as close to home as possible. I have an appointment with one in Melbourne but it is not for another month. Depending upon what we discover will determine if it is interesting and relatable enough to write about. So far I’ve had some blood taken for tests and given 2 stool samples to be checked for a number of different things. I should be getting the results back fairly soon.

Before I got married my diet was very much focused on easy meals (pasta and jarred sauce) and take away food (pizza). My thoughts regarding food didn’t extend very far beyond the labeling. For example, I’d happily eat Doritos or something similar without giving any thought to what is in it . . . except for when eating a hot dog – I think everyone pauses to think about it’s ingredients. Conversely I have always been a very fussy eater. An example would be when I was younger around 10 my parents would sometimes get McDonald’s as a treat. At the time I would order a burger and bun with tomato sauce and cheese only – just those 4 things – as well as fries and a drink. It had to be just like that or I would not eat it and as simple as that sounds it was ALWAYS wrong ha ha ha. Now being an adult with a wife who eats mostly AIP/always paleo it is sometimes difficult to get me to try new foods, vegetables, or even fruits. My will not eats include pumpkin and asparagus. My dislikes include Brussels sprouts and cauliflower though if a genuine need is presented I can ingest cauliflower. My likes are broccoli (but not the stems), carrots, spiralized parsnips, and sweet potato any way it’s cooked. So yes I am still quite fussy but I have definitely improved from those McDonald’s “burger” days. My wife is extremely patient……

Well thank you for reading my very first post. I can’t think of much more to add for my intro. My second post is coming soon and should be much more fun to read! 😉


The Wooden Elk

A while back my husband and I were privileged to go to a Paleo cafe in Melbourne called The Wooden Elk. After a long weekday in the city we arrived at about 9 PM and starved. Note that they close at 10 PM. Of course we wanted FOOD! And lots of it hehe. A lot of times restaurants will only serve drinks at this hour. The friendly staff were more than accommodating to our late night order. We ordered a Paleo pizza that was not only purely delicious but was such a nice break from cooking – ya feel me?! 😉




Trent’s side is on the left as his had tomato sauce. Mine is on the right sans tomato sauce. No nightshades for me! The crust was made from a combination of almond meal and coconut flour as the main base. Our toppings were prosciutto, spinach, mushrooms, garlic (his side only), and avocado (my side only). Topped with olive oil and oregano. Perfection. Most, if not all of what they have on the menu is organic as well – brilliant.




I highly recommend checking out their website – The Wooden Elk. You can also find them on facebook – just type in the search box The Wooden Elk and Instagram at the_wooden_elk. They have a big menu with lots of yummy options to choose from. Thanks to them we had a superior ending to our night out. Will definitely go back again.

Pricing: Surprisingly reasonable considering quality of food

Grade: A+




Over and out! 🙂



Why I Am Not Pregnant…Right Now

I have always wanted to be a mom. Growing up I had countless dolls with names for each. I even wrote my favorite names on lists throughout the years for my future children. First names AND middle names of course. I loved babysitting. As I am the youngest of 4, I have 10 nieces and nephews that gave me lots of practice.

I thought I would have all of my children by the time I was 30. Well I just turned 28 and am still childless. My biggest fear is not being a mom. My biggest fear IS becoming a mom. I examine my every day and am not quite sure how I would take care of an infant, baby, toddler, child, AHHHHH! Not to even mention the pregnancy itself. I mean, would I be in more pain? Less pain? Would I be in a tolerable situation? Or crisis?

“Oh, I killed an ant today. I felt like a warrior. That’s really all I did. Yep.” And just imagine me on the days I kill 2 ants. Unbelievable. Because of my health trials I can barely scrape by and take care of myself. Let alone another little human, are you kidding me?!?!!? And did I mention I want two kids? TWO. I am completely petrified at the thought that I might have the perfect set up for an unhealthy, sick child. Not to even mention my mental state of going in and out of anxiety and depression. If that even makes sense! Would I even be a half decent mom? I look at my mom and she is the cream of the crop.

And then the questions in my head begin. Oh the very many questions. Would it be fair to my children to have such a neurotic mom? What if they had food allergies? What if they had eczema? How would I cope? How would I not feel responsible for their pain and suffering? How would I even take care of them? What if I couldn’t even get pregnant? What if it took me forever to get pregnant? Could I make myself eat tons of liver during pregnancy so they would stand half a chance? How would we pay…. – Don’t even get me started on the finances!

Which brings about the big discussion. BIG. “Okay so I couldn’t and didn’t have both of my children before age 30. Fiiiiine. I’ll stretch my limit to 35. BUT ONLY 35. Gosh. Life. So now I gotta create a whole new master plan. But wait. Actually I can’t. Because I’ve already scrapped all of my previous master plans. Yeah, remember Brittany? They didn’t pan out. I keep telling you to STOP PLANNING. But??! Yes. Stop. Ok. Until tomorrow.”

Every once in a rare while I feel awakened and I am like yes! I can be a mother! I can do it! Bring on motherhood! And then all of the other days (the majority, sadly) I really just do not see it happening. This is where I believe the Lord God above comes in. I will keep myself prepared for pregnancy as best I know how and I will wait. And I will TRY to be patient. And if there is a window of time where I am feeling better, physically and emotionally, it just might very well be that I will become a mother. And if it is so that I am meant to adopt or to be a mother in the next life, then I will accept that and I will look forward to it with much anticipation. Because I know that one day someone will call me mother. With my husband by my side, together, we will find our way.


Keeping It Real

Prior to reading this post you may want to consider clicking on my About tab and reading the sections there. 🙂

Most days I wish I were my prior self. You know, the one before my body went all sorts of crazy and I am in pain 24/7. The one where I am not shouting out on a continual basis because it hurts THAT bad. The one where I do not spend hours crying and crying. The one where I wasn’t pleading in my prayers with God to heal me and let me be my old self again. The one where my emotions didn’t go from normal to sad to an angry psycho in one second on the clock.

I wake up. I want to sleep more but there is something inside myself that always makes me get out of bed. I am ALWAYS CONSTANTLY tired these days no matter how many hours of sleep I have gotten and sleeping more sounds very desirable but unrealistic. Things must get done. Time moves forward. So must I.

I do my chores in the morning. Before my shower. Because in between the time in which I awaken and get into the shower is the window of my day in which I am in the LEAST amount of pain. This is because it has *almost* been a full 24 hours since my last shower. Showering brings me much pain but I do shower daily! I love the feeling of being clean and I do not want my skin to get infected AT ALL. I would DIE. So. On a typical weekday I get up and talk with my husband as he gets ready for work. An enjoyable time of day even though we are both zombies. Once he has left I load the washer with a batch of clothes because I am able to lean over so much easier (aka am in much less pain) than post-shower. After this, I do any other cleaning, chore, or task that needs to be done as my physical movement is not so limited.

My shower is not so enjoyable and I am always glad when it is over. After I get out, getting dressed and ready can take some time. I don’t even do my hair or makeup unless I am actually going out somewhere because I just do not have the energy. My wet hair simply air dries and my face, well, I haven’t had the budget to make the switch over to natural, organic makeup so my face is probably grateful that I only put the toxins on it here and there. Haha!

This is basically the first part of my day. The rest of my day I am in substantial pain and as much as I would like to sit down, sitting is not so much fun (more pain). I spend my “free time” alone in the house cooking, thinking, learning, reading, researching, going outside for a walk (only on less painful days), skyping with my mother as much as possible, and working on this blog as time permits (all while usually standing) before my husband returns home to me. By the end of the night my feet are killing me and bedtime starts looking quite enticing.

This is just a little snippet into the daily life of me. If daily life for you is hard, I sympathize with you. If you are in pain, I feel for you. If you wish for some kind of relief, I am right there with you. If something as simple as walking around your house is agony, I am struggling next to you. We WILL make it through. Somehow. Some way. Life IS still beautiful.